Happify your home with

corner-to-corner Wi-Fi

and endless entertainment

UPC brings you

Happy home

More than just wifi, it promises to 'happyfi' your entire home bringing wifi to every nook and cranny, and entertainment to every device.

Superfast wifi

from attic

to basement

Corner-to-corner wifi up to 500 Mbps makes sure the wifi keeps going and the fun keeps flowing everywhere.

Our system grows and changes with your needs so you enjoy wifi here, there and everywhere in between.

Our system

looks after


Our devices work seamlessly with yours, no matter how many are tuned in.

And the system takes care of itself, monitoring, improving and fixing any hiccups before they interrupt the show, Welcome to worry-free wifi and super smooth streaming.

Welcoming you,

your family

and your friends

Plenty of wifi to go around.

Dinner party? Kids got friends over? No matter how many devices, there is plenty of wifi to go around. Play pass the password - click and your guests get a password invite instantly.

Let the fun

follow you everywhere

Entertainment in every room, on every device

Get the greatest shows from over 140 TV stations. Watch on-the-go on all your devices, replay, share with friends. You make the rules.

All you need

to happifi

your home

1. Connect box with corner-to-corner wifi

2. TV box and app for endless entertainment

To make Happy Home is extremely easy. UPC modem and Horizon Box get installed in a moment. After the registration to myUPC you can download the Horizon Go app and watch movies and series wherever.

Make your Happy Home combination for your household

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