The total to pay is higher than it should be, but I am not a new customer.

Did you change your services set-up?

In case you have changed the services you are using, or in case you have added anything new, the next bill will include a partial payment for the old set-up, and for the new one:

  • The old set-up – in case you have changed your services in the middle of the current billing period, the first part of the total to pay will be the original amount for the days between the beginning of the billing period and the day of the change.
  • The new set-up – from the day of the change until the end of the billing period, you will be charged for the new services.

Did you use UPC Phone more than usually?

You can find an exact overview of your calls in MyUPC portal. A detailed overview is also included in the digital bill.


Isn’t your promotion over?

In case you have been using any of our promotions (e.g. for new customers) and it has just ended, the bill for your services will now be higher.