FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

I am already UPC Internet user. Would your technician´s be necessary, if I order an upgrade to UPC Internet 200 or Internet 300?

Yes, in some cases. This happens when we have to deliver and connect appropriate cable modem compatible with high speed.

Do I need to install any special software to be able to use UPC Internet?

You do not. Your operating system, web browser and e-mail client is all you need.

How do I restart the modem?

It is simple. Just unplug the modem from the electrical socket and plug it back after 30 seconds.

Can I use my own modem?

No, you cannot. You can only use modems provided by UPC (you can either rent it or buy it). Only with UPC modem, we can guarantee full functionality and provide you our technical support.

Can I connect my own router to the UPC modem?

Yes, you can. We recommend you to make sure that wireless router security settings are set properly.

What shall I do if I want to connect a new computer to the UPC Internet?

Connect your new computer with the modem and reboot the cable modem by unplugging it from the mains.

What to do if lights on the modem are off?

Check the power cord on both sides (at the electrical outlet and on the modem), or try connecting it into another electrical socket.

What to do if all the necessary lights are on, but the Internet does not work?

Please, follow the steps below.


  • Restart the modem by unplugging the power for 30 seconds.
  • If you use a router, restart it as well.
  • Try connecting your computer directly to the modem (not router) and reboot the modem.
  • Check your computer settings.

The speed of my network connection is low.

If the speed of data transmission is lower than it should be, check all the cables between the UPC socket and your computer. If you use a router, disconnect it and run the speed test again with your PC connected directly to the modem. If difficulties persist, please contact our technical support.

Standard Loyalty definition

Prices in the loyalty portfolio include a loyalty discount. If you choose a loyalty portfolio product, conditions for applying the discount are applied after 12 months of using our service (loyalty period).


However, the discount is present on your invoice from beginning - that means from the activation (installation) of a loyalty portfolio service. If you do not fulfill conditions for getting the discount, we will send you an adjusting invoice for the difference. We will charge you the difference between discounted and standard price from the start of currently running loyalty period on this invoice.


You can change the parameters of services during your loyalty period. If you decide not to receive a loyalty discount, you can change to the standard price at any time. This will cause an interruption of the loyalty period and we will send you an adjusting invoice for the difference.


We will be happy to give you a loyalty discount in your next loyalty period with the same conditions. If you are satisfied with the loyalty discount and you do not contact us, a new loyalty period will start automatically. If you decide not to start a new loyalty period, please let us know at least 15 days before the end of your current loyalty period, so we can process your request in time.