As part of the unification of our technical systems, important changes in the settings of UPC products and services will be introduced. That way, we will be able to offer you the best mobile, internet and television services. So, what will happen?



Termination of the upcMail service

Technical support for the upcMail service will terminate on 31 August 2020. All e-mail accounts (on the domains,,, and and their contents will cease to function on this date. We will inform upcMail users about the termination of the service by e-mail and ensure secure deletion of stored data.


Have you used the upcMail service? We know that changing your e-mail address is not a completely pleasant matter. Therefore, we have prepared instructions for you on how not to lose any content that you may need in the future and we will also advise you on how to set up a new e-mail address if you do not already have one.



Set up your new e-mail address

Have you been using only the upcMail service and you do not have another e-mail address? In that case, please set up any of the available free e-mail accounts. We have prepared for you links to some of the most popular e-mail providers:



  • E-mail from Google with the domain If you have a telephone with the Android OS, you already have a Gmail account, as you cannot use your telephone without one.
  • Gmail offers an e-mail account, calendar, contacts, a repository for your files and photographs and other services.
  • You can set up an account at
  • You can find instructions for setting up an account at

Update you contact e-mail address for receiving bills

Do you receive bills or other important message from UPC at your upcMail address? If so, do not forget to inform us of your new e-mail address, to which we will be able to send you bills. Please do this as soon as possible using one of the following methods:

  • Easily via My UPC self-care at You can change your contact e-mail address in the My Account menu.
  • By telephone with an operator at 241005100 on business days from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (in the case of a business contract, call 241 005 200).

If you do not enter a new e-mail address, we will, upon termination of the upcMail service, automatically begin sending printed bills, for which a fee is charged according to the current pricelist.

Inform your friends, acquaintances and other contacts about your new e-mail address

Do not forget to inform your friends, acquaintances and other contacts about your new e-mail address so that you do not miss any important messages. Do you want to send a bulk e-mail to all of your contacts?

  1. In the Mail section, select Compose Message; a window for sending a new e-mail will then open.
  2. In the “To” field, click on BCC; you will see an additional line marked as BCC. BCC means blind carbon copy, i.e. hidden copy – if you enter all recipients into this field, they will not see each other, which is good practice in sending bulk messages.
  3. At the end of the BCC line, click on the telephone list icon and mark all contacts to whom you want to send the message.
  4. Then fill in the subject and the contents of the message as you normally would. Do not forget to write in the message your new e-mail address at which the recipients can reach you.

Download the content that you do not want to lose

You have not only e-mails stored in your upcMail, but also contacts, calendar entries, tasks and documents and other files. If necessary, you can easily download everything to your computer for later use.

Backing up e-mails

Do you not want to lose any of your e-mails? You can back up messages using several methods. Choose the Mail menu and do not forget to look at all of the tabs (Delivered mail, Sent mail, Archive, etc.).

  • Forward an individual e-mail – After opening a particular e-mail message, select the Forward option and enter your new e-mail address to which you want to send the message in the “To” field.
  • Bulk forwarding of all messages – In the overview of messages, mark all e-mails that you want to forward and choose forwarding using the rightward arrow icon (you will find it above the list of e-mails). In the new window, enter your new e-mail address to which you want to send the messages in the “To” field. The forwarded messages will be attached as an e-mail attachment.
  • Download messages to your computer – In the overview of messages, mark all e-mails that you want to download, click on the three dots in the upper menu and select the option “Save as a file”. You will thus download the messages in a ZIP archive, where the individual e-mails will be in the “.eml” format.

Backing up contacts

You may have your contacts stored in the Address Book menu.

  • Download contacts to your computer – In the Contacts line, click on the three dots and Select export from the menu. You can download contacts in the “.csv” or “.vCard” format. If you are not sure which format you need, you can create a backup in both variants.
  • Import contacts into your new e-mail account – Most e-mail accounts and clients (programs for working with e-mail, such as Outlook) support importing of contacts in both formats (Gmail help, does not support importing of contacts).

Backing up your calendar

In the Calendar section, you may have records that you would like to keep.

  • Download all calendar records to your computer – In the left-hand part of the screen in the line with the name of your calendar (this will usually be your name), click on the three dots and select Export from the menu. You can export the calendar in the iCalendar format.
  • Import your calendar to your new e-mail account – Most e-mail accounts support importing of calendars in this format (Gmail help, help).

Backing up tasks

Do you want to keep entered tasks? You can download them to your computer.

  • Download all tasks to your computer – In the left-hand part of the screen in the line called Tasks (if you have not otherwise renamed it), click on the three dots and choose Export from the menu. You can export tasks in the iCalendar format.
  • Import tasks to your new e-mail account – Most e-mail accounts support importing of tasks in this format (Gmail help, help).

Backing up imported files

Have you imported documents or other files into your e-mail account? You can find them in the Drive section, from which you can download all of them to your computer simultaneously.

  • In the Drive section in the “My Files” line, click on the three dots and select “Download complete folder”.
  • All files will be downloaded in a ZIP archive; you can subsequently work with them on your computer according to your needs.

Change of registration in e-shops, on social networks and in other places

If you have registered in e-shops or on social networks under this e-mail address, enter the new data there. If you have not done this, it will not be possible to reset your password after your old e-mail address has been terminated

Questions and answer?

Why is the upcMail service being terminated?

Technical support for the existing upcMail solution will be terminated on 31 August 2020. Very few of our customers actively use this service. Today, most users use free e-mail from other providers that specialise in it and with which they are not bound by a contract on internet connection. For this reason, we have decided to terminate the service on 31 August 2020 and we have prepared for all users detailed instructions on how they can back up important data in order to make the transition as easy as possible for them.


I still use an older e-mail address with the domain,, or Will my account also be terminated?

Yes, termination of the service will affect all upcMail users who use older addresses.


What if I forget to back up some data? Will I be able to access it after 31 August 2020?

All user data will be securely deleted after 31 August 2020. Therefore, it is necessary that you back up your data before that date. Afterwards, it will not be possible to access e-mail or stored content, nor will it be in any way possible to restore it.



As of 30 June 2020, provision of the web space will end. If you use this service, please do not forget to switch to other freely available solutions.




As of 31 August 2020, we are ending the Wi-Free service, a wireless network that UPC Internet customers who have signed up for this service can use outside their home Wi-Fi network. Despite that, we also have good news for you. With your UPC internet, you now have a unique opportunity to obtain Vodafone mobile tariffs with unlimited data at a discounted price and thus enjoy real data freedom.


Why an unlimited tariff from Vodafone?

Quality network

We have repeatedly won the independent P3 quality test.


Expenditures under control

With us, you have complete control over expenses for telecommunication services.


Everything unlimited

Enjoy calls, SMS and data indefinitely and in high quality.




As of 30 June 2020, we are ending some unused voice services. If the change also concerns you, you will find out about it in time in your Billing, or we will send you the information by e-mail or letter. Please note that for technical reasons, cancelled services may still appear in your Billing in July 2020. If these are paid services, the amount will be settled in August.


Do you want to keep the voice services? Please call us by 10 June 2020 on 241 005 100 and we will keep the service for you. The line is available to you on Mon-Fri from 8 am to 7 pm.



Modem replacement

We are constantly striving to improve and modernize our services and technologies, so we need to replace certain existing modems some customers have with a new model that meets the technical requirements of our network. If this change applies to you, you will be notified in a timely manner. The replacement of the equipment will be arranged by one of our technicians, who will also take care of the professional installation and start-up of the new modem. Thanks to the new device, you will then be able to make better use of the speed of your Internet connection. In addition, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi router, your entire household will be reliably covered by a Wi-Fi signal.


What are the benefits of the new modem?

  • It is a powerful Wi-Fi modem with 4 ethernet ports
  • It delivers a whole new experience of full speed up to 500 Mbps, stability and coverage of your entire home
  • It has an extremely powerful signal
  • It offers the new 802.11 ac standard
  • Wide coverage in two bands (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • It will connect all your devices



*If you do not wish to accept these new terms, you have the right to terminate the contract on the effective date of the above changes related to the upcMail services, Web Space, Wi-Free, Phone 30 and Phone Start, without penalty.